Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How long have you guys been providing strategic business advice?

      Our team has been providing strategic business advise for over 40 years.


Q2) What industries does FollowMe work in?

      Manufacturing, home improvement, automotive, financial, construction, distribution, and food.


Q3) What size companies can utilize FollowMe services?

      FollowMe focus its efforts in working with small to mid size companies.  We find that companies that

      operate within $2.0 million to $50 million need real business understanding. Most companies operate as

      entrepreneurs and do not have the understanding to build strategic plans for growth and resolve

      difficult challenges


Q4) What part of the company does FollowMe provide advice? (click-world class business)

      FollowMe provides expert advise across every functional group:  Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Sales,

      Operations, Compliance/Human Resources, IT, and Strategy


Q5) How does FollowMe help the owners of the company?

     We protect and help owners to build financial wealth because owners are the true boot strappers. We

     help owners develop exit strategies, when to establish buy/sell agreements,  we help owners to value

     their company, we help owners to maintain and stay in compliance with the regulatory environment (over

     4800 federal laws to stay in compliance with -  w2 vs 1099 employees, code of ethics, OSHA compliance,

     diversity training- sexual harassment, etc),and we help owners to establish a balance life (health and

     wealth and in that order)....families and vacations are very important


Q6) How many companies have you provided advice to? (click here -see reference page)

       We have provided advice for, worked for, and provided products to some of the largest companies

       in  the  world (Kraft General Foods, Pillsbury, Walmart, Yums Brand, Sysco Foods, PYA Monarch, Kroger,

       Popeyes,  Darden Restaurants and a host of small to mid-size businesses). Over 100s of companies!!!








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